The Pitch by Peter Houghton

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  • Subiaco Arts Centre

About the Play

After smash hit seasons in London, Edinburgh and Melbourne, The Pitch is coming to Perth!

The Pitch is a hilarious satire about the trials and tribulations of an Aussie trying to crack the big time in Hollywood.

Walter Weinermann, screenwriter, is on the brink. He’s broke, his agent is pressuring him, the most important pitch of his career to a panel of bigshot Hollywood producers is less than an hour away, and his girlfriend has left him.

Will the panel buy Walter’s idea? Should Clint or Russell play the lead? Is there a role for De Niro? Will Walter win an Oscar? And, most importantly, will he get his girl back?

In a one-man blockbuster performance, author and actor Peter Houghton ‘channels’ Clint Eastwood, Anthony Hopkins, Chris Rock, Jet Li, Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta Jones and many others with a miraculously sharp eye for the Hollywood cliché as he takes the audience on a whirlwind journey through cities and continents, across decades and eras, into and out of genres, all without leaving Walter’s flat.

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Cast & Creatives

Written and performed by Peter Houghton

Directed by Anne Browning

Lighting Design by Paul Jackson Sound Design by David Franzke


Peter radiates enthusiasm and energy tinged with npathos, in a blockbuster performance." Post Newspaper

"Peter Houghton's hilarious Hollywood satire is a must-see." The West Australian

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