Ying Tong by Roy Smiles

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  • His Majesty's Theatre

About the Play

The Goons' brand of sublime nonsense and complete weirdness has taken the airwaves of England by storm, and Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe and Wallace Greenslade are basking in the success of their cult radio show.

But the comedy machinery of The Goon Show is taking its toll. Spike's mind is starting to play tricks on him... What's he doing in an asylum? What are Bluebottle and Seagoon doing there? Why does the doctor look like Greenslade? And who are those little green guys?

Welcome to the mad world of Ying Tong - unleashing the revolutionary and chaotic silliness of The Goons at His Majesty’s Theatre to entertain you in time for the 2008 silly season!

A Sydney Theatre Company Production.

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Cast & Creatives

Featuring: Jonathan Biggins, John Hannan, David James and Geoff Kelso

Directed by Richard Cottrell

Set & Costume Design by Michael Scott-Mitchell Lighting Design by Damien Cooper Sound Design by Jeremy Silver Sound Effects Design by Paul Charlier


greeted with wild excitement and a certain amount of trepidation." Drum

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