Madagascar by J.T. Rogers

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About the Play

Madagascar is the haunting story of a mysterious disappearance that changes three lives forever.

At three different points in time, three people find themselves in the same hotel room overlooking the Spanish Steps in Rome: June, a young woman who works as a tour guide of the city's ancient ruins; Lilian, her wealthy and elegant jet-setting mother; and Nathan, an awkward university economist and the best friend of Lilian's deceased husband.

Slowly, their individual stories unfold: their relationship to each other, what this room means to them, and why they have been called to it slowly reveal themselves. As their stories spill out and weave back and forth - each contradicting, clarifying, or deepening what the others say - the strands join to form one gripping and disquieting tale.

"When I read this play, I could not put it down. I was captivated by the beauty of the language and enticed by the fascinating mystery that lurks beneath this delicate character study. Amanda Muggleton, who has entertained so many of you over the years, returns to Perth to bring to life the matriarch of the play alongside Rebecca Davis. I hope you will enjoy unravelling the mystery as much as I did." Kate Cherry

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Cast & Creatives

Cast includes: Rebecca Davis, Greg McNeill and Amanda Muggleton

Director: Kate Cherry

Set & Costume Designer: Alicia Clements Lighting Designer: Jon Buswell Composer/Sound Designer: Ben Collins Voice Coach: Julia Moody


“These ghostly absences are reflected in clever shadows cast on the walls of the trio's existential prison, a blue and gilt-silver Italianate room designed by Alicia Clements and lit superbly by Jon Buswell. But it is director Kate Cherry's choreography that gives effect to the shifting allegiances and obsessions of the trio: June's passivity, captured in statuesque poses like the Italian marble sculptures she loves; lascivious Lilian reclining on a couch; guilt-ridden Nathan retreating to a lonely chair.” The Australian

“This is (surprisingly) Amanda Muggleton’s debut with Black Swan. And a brilliant debut it is, commanding the stage during her scenes as Lilian, the matriarch of a wealthy American family...Muggleton's emotions range from one end of the scale to another in a wonderful performance.” Australian Stage Online

“Alicia Clements excelled herself with this set. The worn out luxury of yesteryear was almost like Versailles; her costumes immediately showed the personality and moral fibre of the wearer. A beautifully directed, superbly acted and presented, richly written fascinating triple monologue.” Theatre Australia

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