Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

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About the Play

This beguiling comedy follows the romantic adventures of Viola and her identical twin Sebastian, both shipwrecked in the enchanted dukedom of Illyria. Viola has been washed ashore in Illyria believing her twin brother Sebastian has drowned.

Disguising herself as a young man named Cesario, she gains employment with Duke Orsino. The Duke sends "Cesario" to court the beautiful Countess Olivia for him, but when Olivia falls for "Cesario" instead of Duke Orsino, an intricate chain of events is set in motion, which becomes even more complicated when Sebastian reappears.

Twelfth Night is a romantic comedy of mistaken identities, unrequited love and madness and includes some of Shakespeare's most memorable characters and hilariously improbable situations.

"You took Much Ado About Nothing to your heart, and many of you wrote emails and letters asking me to programme another Shakespearean comedy as soon as possible. So here it is: Twelfth Night - another favourite of mine. This large cast production with a contemporary twist will be directed by Roger Hodgman, whose Shakespearean comedies have entertained audiences throughout Australia." Kate Cherry

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Cast & Creatives

Cast includes: Renee Hale, Stuart Halusz, Brendan Hanson, Luke Hewitt, Kirsty Hillhouse, Geoff Kelso, Ingle Knight, Samantha Murray, Will O'Mahony, Kelton Pell, Kenneth Ransom, Kazimir Sas, Steve Turner and Amanda Woodhams.

Director: Roger Hodgman

Set Designer: Christina Smith Costume Designer: Alicia Clements Lighting Designer: Jon Buswell Composer/Sound Designer: Ash Gibson Greig


“Black Swan State Theatre Company's new production, energetically directed by Roger Hodgman, who brings music theatre experience to the play's songs with zest, allows action and language to work hand-in-hand to drive the play on occasion to its comic heights.…scintillating theatre, bringing a savage modernism to this timeless play…” The Australian

“It is a play with light and shade, yin and yang, love and loss at its centre.” The West Australian

“…the audience will still leave with a warm feel good fuzzy feeling after watching it.” Australian Stage Online

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