A Midsummer Nights Dream by William Shakespeare

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  • Heath Ledger Theatre

About the Play

Hermia has fallen for Lysander and Helena is in love with Demetrius – but Hermia has been promised to Demetrius.

When the Duke of Athens attempts to enforce the marriage against Hermia’s will, the lovers flee into the woods and land in the middle of a dispute between Titania and Oberon, the King and Queen of the Fairies. The lovers are not the only unsuspecting humans to get caught up in the magical mayhem; a group of amateur actors have chosen the seclusion of the forest to rehearse a play. Amongst feuding fairies, bumbling players and pining lovers, flies the mischievous fairy, Puck, armed with a love potion that will make anyone fall for the first person they set eyes upon – no matter how unsuitable.

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a play of opposites: night and day, masculine and feminine, order and mayhem, laughingly brought together by Shakespeare, the master of delight and reconciliation. I can’t wait to go into a rehearsal room with some of Western Australia’s finest actors and watch the fun unfold.” Kate Cherry

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Cast & Creatives

Cast includes: James Beck, Elizabeth Blackmore, Benj D'Addario, Adriane Daff, Arielle Gray, Stuart Halusz, Brendan Hanson, Luke Hewitt, Natalie Holmwood, Michael Loney, Sam Longley, Kelton Pell, Myles Pollard, Kenneth Ransom, Alison Van Reeken, Scott Sheridan and Shubhadra Young.

Director: Kate Cherry

Set Designer: Christina Smith Costume Designer: Alicia Clements Lighting Designer: Graham Walne Sound Designer: Ash Gibson Greig Movement Director: Lisa Scott-Murphy Assistant Director: Jeffrey Jay Fowler Assistant Set Designer: Fiona Bruce


"Demetrius (James Beck), Helena (Elizabeth Blackmore), Hermia (Adriane Daff) and Lysander (Scott Sheridan) bring a fresh, modern feel to Shakespeare's text... All four talented actors are graduates of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts; so is young costume designer Alicia Clements, whose design for the fairy queen almost beats the royal wedding dress." The Australian

"Luke Hewitt's turn as the immortal Bottom is a great success. Hewitt is a big, funny man, which makes Bottom the figure of fun meat and drink for him, but he's got the sensitivity to deliver the character's humanity and essential goodness." The West Australian

"Cherry’s modern interpretation offers a refreshed and indeed very entertaining retelling of this classic comedy. Cherry should be congratulated for bringing to life such a thoroughly enjoyable and accessible offering." Perth Now

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