Boundary Street by Reg Cribb

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  • Heath Ledger Theatre

About the Play

1942. The world is at war. Singapore has fallen to the Japanese army. Darwin has been bombed.

The arrival in Australia of United States troops – black and white – provides a ray of hope. But it’s an uneasy alliance. Boundary Street follows the story of three African-American soldiers in Brisbane. Off duty, they head to the Dr Carver Club, a jazz club set up especially for African-American servicemen. The promise of new, exotic music and dancing attracts many Australians, including “respectable” white and Indigenous women. Prejudices are dispelled and genuine friendships blossom, but then the simmering racism erupts violently.

Boundary Street pulses with jazz music full of frenetic and exotic energy. Featuring new compositions by jazz legend, James Morrison, Boundary Street offers a unique insight into a turbulent moment in Australia’s history.

“Boundary Street busts open a galvanising moment in our history and Reg Cribb, James Morrison and I have relished the opportunity to tell a cracking good story that catches on fire through music and dance!” Kate Cherry


Winner of the 2009 Rodney Seaborn Playwrights Award

Boundary Street is a co-production with Perth International Arts Festival and Brisbane Festival.

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Cast & Creatives

Cast includes: Adriane Daff, Rebecca Davis, Matt Dyktynski, Luke Hewitt, Christopher Kirby, Damon Lockwood, Clare Moss, Emma Pask, Kenneth Ransom, Gina Williams and Terry Yeboah

Musicians: Roger Garrood, Harry Morrison, James Morrison, John Morrison, Raymond Walker

Director: Kate Cherry

Composer & Musical Director: James Morrison Set Designer: Michael Scott-Mitchell Costume Designer: Teresa Negroponte Lighting Designer: David Murray Sound Designer: Peter Dawson Dramaturg: Hilary Bell  Choreographer: Mary Beth Cavanaugh Dance Instructor: Shane McCarthy Assistant Director: Luke Hewitt Assistant Set Designer: David Fleischer


“The mere sight of Morrison raising his trumpet to his lips sent a frisson of anticipation down one's spine…” ABC

“It’s jazz that propels the show… Boundary Street is an important production…” The West Australian

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