Arcadia by Tom Stoppard

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  • Heath Ledger Theatre

About the Play

Sidley Park, Derbyshire, April 1809. Surrounded by eccentric family members, fastidious house guests and surly staff, tutor Septimus Hodge is in charge of educating Lady Thomasina Coverley, aged thirteen.

Beyond the grand windows are the ‘500 acres inclusive of lake’, where Capability Brown’s artificially manicured naturescape is about to give way to the fashionably ‘picturesque’ Gothic style of landscape gardening. 180 years later, garden historian Hannah Jarvis and academic Bernard Nightingale stand in the same room, trying to shed light on the garden’s secrets and uncover the scandal which is said to have taken place when Lord Byron stayed at Sidley Park in Lady Thomasina’s time…

Stoppard’s absorbing play jumps back and forth between the centuries and explores the nature of truth and time and the confusing and disruptive influence of sexual attraction on our orbits in life.

"Arcadia is a stirring love story that crosses centuries, a witty play of ideas for anyone who loves science, maths or gardening, a visual feast to celebrate our beautiful new home, full of wonderfully eccentric characters." Kate Cherry

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Cast & Creatives

Cast Includes: Adriane Daff, Rebecca Davis, Benj D'Addario, Brendan Hanson, Kirsty Hillhouse, Nick Maclaine, Andrew McFarlane, William McNeill, Edgar Metcalfe, Whitney Richards, Scott Sheridan, Steve Turner

Director: Kate Cherry

Designers: Set & Costume Designer Alicia Clements, Lighting Designer Trent Suidgeest, Sound Designer Ash Gibson Greig, Movement Director Lisa Scott-Murphy


"This production unfolds with a clarity and sparkle that parallel Stoppard's dizzyingly clever dialogue... Newcomer Whitney Richards gives a wonderfully fresh performance." The Australian

"Cherry matches Stoppard's balancing act with a neat, stylish directorial one of her own, and designer Alicia Clements, lighting designer Trent Suidgeest and composer Ash Gibson Greig have the show looking and sounding point-perfect." The West Australian

"Make no mistake, the play Arcadia is funny in ways that require no PhD in quantum physics." ABC

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