Boy Gets Girl by Rebecca Gilman

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  • Heath Ledger Theatre

About the Play

Successful journalist Theresa gets talked into a blind date with computer consultant Tony. As blind dates go, this one could have been a lot worse, but Theresa quickly realises that Tony isn’t the man of her dreams. She extricates herself from their second rendezvous as tactfully but firmly as possible.

That should have been the end of the story … but Tony doesn’t stop calling her at work. He continues to inundate her with flowers. And then he finds out where she lives, and the blind date turns into a living nightmare. In search of help, desperate Theresa finds support where she least expects it, but will she be able to regain control of her life?

 “Boy Gets Girl asks the big questions: Who do we love? Who do we trust? What defines our identity? And how do we cope when life as we know it disintegrates in front of our eyes? Boy Gets Girl will get under your skin.” Kate Cherry


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Cast & Creatives

Cast Includes: James Hagan, Ben O'Toole, Myles Pollard, Whitney Richards, Helen Searle, Steve Turner, Alison van Reeken

Director: Adam Mitchell

Designers: Set & Costume Designer Fiona Bruce, Lighting Designer Trent Suidgeest, Sound Designer Ben Collins


“This play is elevated several notches by Black Swan's stylish production, with Adam Mitchell's sure directorial touch, an elegant jazz soundtrack (Ben Collins) and Fiona Bruce's box contraption that, like Theresa's world, suffers a spectacular collapse.” The Australian

 “Whether you are looking for chilling fear, sensitivity and sadness, or laugh aloud hilarity, it is all here in this magnificent, faultless production.” Theatre Australia

 “...Gripping...superbly designed...the cast is excellent...You need to see it for yourself.” The West Australian

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