Other Desert Cities by Jon Robin Baitz

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  • Heath Ledger Theatre

About the Play

After a six-year absence, Brooke returns to her parents’ home in Palm Springs, California, with a bombshell. She is about to publish a memoir about a terrible event in her family’s past, a tragedy that her parents do not want to remember.

Brooke has come home to draw a line in the sand and is daring her family to cross it. Her brother won’t play her game; her aunt knows way too much and her parents fall into all their old routines as they plead with her to keep their story quiet. In this family, secrets are currency and everyone is rich.

Other Desert Cities is about a girl who comes home with a story about where she is from, who her people really are, what she thinks they really are. Her parents represent an Establishment that she feels has betrayed her country. She goes to war with them and blood is spilled.

Nominated for five Tony Awards including Best Play (2012). Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama (2012).

"A profoundly moving family drama about the generational divide, revealing the fault lines that have cracked the entire fabric of middle class America. This play will make you laugh and cry at the same time. It offers warmth and compassion to any family who knows what it is to risk everything to save a child, even when they are a grown-up." Kate Cherry


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Cast & Creatives

Cast Includes: Janet Andrewartha, Robert Coleby, Conrad Coleby, Rebecca Davis, Vivienne Garnett

Director: Kate Cherry

Assistant Director: Emily McLean

Designers: Set & Costume Designer Christina Smith, Lighting Designer Trent Suidgeest, Sound Designer Tony Brumpton


"This is a well paced, witty and surprising family drama with pleasing plot twist." 720 ABC Perth

" ... this is a 'must-see' play, with performances, technical production and direction at its very best." Theatre Australia

"All pouty jaw and adolescent angularity, Rebecca Davis gives one of her strongest performances yet as Brooke. Janet Andrewartha is a tour de force as razor-tongued Polly, capturing an unyielding yet oddly likable woman behind the fixedness of her political views." The Australian

"Saw this last night and was HIGHLY impressed. Plot, actors, stage, music - all absolutely fantastic. Brilliant production." Jessica, patron

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