Flood by Chris Isaacs

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About the Play

What is the cost of protecting your friends?

It is the summer of their lives. Six Perth friends, young, privileged and bullet-proof, are back together over the holidays to take a trip into the Mid West. As they travel deeper into the land, they edge closer to the dark heart of the Australian psyche. When something unexpected happens, their impulsive decisions have lethal consequences. 

Which of your friends would be the best at keeping a secret? Who would crack first under pressure? And what lengths would you go to in order to protect ‘the group’?

Written by Chris Isaacs, co-creator of It’s Dark Outside (nominated for a 2013 Helpmann Award) and member of Black Swan’s Emerging Writers Group, this bold new work explores how it is to live with the realities we choose to bury.

"Adam Mitchell, perennially young and quintessentially hip, brings his expertise and insight to our new venture, the Black Swan Lab. Using all his theatrical nous and collaborative genius, along with a touch of the mad scientist, Adam is set to stir things up with Chris’ new play Flood. I am thrilled that Chris emerges onto our stage with a play about his generation, a group of friends in their 20s on a weekend getaway that goes really bad, really fast." Kate Cherry

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Cast & Creatives

Cast Includes: Joshua Brennan, Adriane Daff, Samuel Delich, Will O'Mahony, Whitney Richards and Rose Riley.

Director: Adam Mitchell.

Designers: Sound Designer Ben Collins, Lighting Designer Chris Donnelly, Set & Costume Designer India Mehta.


"Kick off the year with a flying start and do yourself a favour by going to watch Flood ... will leave an indelible imprint in your mind long after you have watched it." Perth Walkabout

"A suspenseful storyline that had me hooked the entire time!" Jayme, patron

"Snappy, revealing and brilliant ... a play that will divide opinions, spark conversations, and no doubt draw criticism. Love it or hate it, but go see it." Australian Stage

"If you fancy suspense and drama, Flood is the play for you! I love watching people who have a real talent for their passion and everyone on stage played their part so well." Danielle, patron

"An unusual play, superbly presented and acted by a young, award-laden team." Independent Theatre Association

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