Ambassador Program


To facilitate greater collaboration with regional towns across Western Australia, Black Swan has established a network of ‘regional ambassadors’ to encourage and strengthen the established links between Black Swan and the community.

The Regional Ambassador Program commenced in 2011 with representatives acting as a conduit between the Company and regional communities. The members chosen are diverse and skilled in a variety of areas with a mix of local voices and community or government employees in order to obtain a variety of viewpoints and knowledge.

Our Regional Ambassadors are responsible for representing Black Swan by passing on production information, talking about upcoming events and encouraging their community to purchase tickets to productions when we are touring or broadcasting live theatre in their town.

Black Swan’s current Ambassadors are:

  • Broome - Mary Jarzabek
  • Busselton - Terry Thompson and Russell Chandler
  • Carnarvon - Sabrina Dowling Giudici and Kim Whitehall-Holla
  • Denham - Derek Weston and Patricia Weston
  • Donnybrook - Victoria Coyne
  • Esperance - Victoria Brown
  • Geraldton - Neil Gregson and Michelle Bambling
  • Kalgoorlie - Norma Latchford
  • Karratha - Laurianne Bonney
  • Katanning - Lesley Balinski
  • Mandurah - Kelle Aberg and Veronica Clarke
  • Margaret River - Ian Smith and Meredith McCormack
  • Merredin - Michelle Gethin, Estelle Madaffari, Greg Shea
  • Northam - Ross Beckett
  • Tom Price - Brie Healy
  • Metro – Madison Gracie, Nicky Nolan and Georgie Perrot

We hope that by giving regional theatre enthusiasts the opportunity to connect with their State Theatre Company, they will gain the confidence to network and engage with the arts on a much deeper level, continue an appreciation for theatre and forge lasting connections between Black Swan and their regional community.

For further information contact our Public Relations Manager Irene Jarzabek.

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