Production Creatives

Black Swan State Theatre Company’s aim is to produce great theatre for our community – theatre that we proudly share with the larger world community. We aim to be inclusive, diverse and aware.

These attributes help us to attract talented creatives to work with the Company. And our creatives often work with us again and again.

We may find these artists by seeing their work, by hearing of their reputation, by meeting with an artist and seeing their portfolio, by looking at an online profile. There are many ways that artists come to our attention.

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  • Directors, Designers and Stage Managers

    If you are a director, designer or stage manager we have worked with before, we are always delighted for you to touch base and say hello.

    If you are a director, designer or stage manager we have not met, we would encourage you to invite us to any production you might work on. We always try our best to have someone from the Company attend productions to which we are invited.

    If you have a body of professional work, but have never met with us, you might like to make an appointment and bring along your portfolio. You can contact us on

  • Actors

    When casting, we work with the director of the show and with actors’ agents, and we also hold targeted auditions for available roles. Black Swan's Artistic Director, artistic staff and those directors engaged by the Company have a good knowledge of local productions. We also liaise closely with most theatrical agents in Australia.

    General auditions are held each year. We approach actors’ agencies to fill the available audition slots. If you miss out, feel free to invite us to any show in which you are performing by contacting us at