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Creative Agenda

Our Creative Agenda

Our artistic standards must be exceptional. They will include works that are epic in nature, some will tackle issues and confronting topics, some will re-tell historical stories that are metaphors for contemporary issues, they will be emotionally and physically daring and include elegant designs creating a comprehensive sensory experience.

We have to present works that we know our audience has an appetite for, while also introducing new work that provides an intoxicating journey into unexplored territory.

Black Swan will be “your gateway to new worlds”.

Our Creatives
At the top of Black Swan’s Creative Agenda are our ‘creatives’ – our writers, actors, directors, designers, composers – whose artistry will collectively shape the product that will, in the coming years, place Black Swan at the forefront of Australian theatre. We will bring together a dynamic mix of outstanding professionals and exciting young artists. They will come from within WA, elsewhere in Australia and from overseas. It will include a small number of ‘resident’ artists who will be involved with Black Swan and its work over a twelve month period. Black Swan will support the development of young writers through an annual program of mentoring and peer support.

Perth is fortunate to be home to one of the world’s leading performing arts training institutions and it is an imperative to ensure that Black Swan’s relationship with WAAPA and its graduates is richly textured and mutually rewarding.

Black Swan’s development program for emerging theatre professionals seeks to establish an annual studio based season that is integral to our creative future and provides opportunities for the testing of new work, design and innovative engagement strategies with audiences.

Our Stories
Black Swan has an admirable tradition in bringing our Western Australian stories to the stage. This will continue through an expansive, long-range commissioning program designed to deliver at least one new work every year as part of our season. This commissioning program will bring together a ‘family’ of highly credentialed professional playwrights, and a select number of promising new writers, under the Black Swan umbrella. Individually and collectively (through peer review and shared dramaturgical feedback) they will work towards a ‘suite’ of new plays that, while speaking directly to audiences here in Western Australia, have a powerful resonance for audiences everywhere.

In bringing new works to maturity, each will be rigorously ‘tested’ with the average new work in development for two to three years.

Our Repertoire
Putting together the annual mainstage program is every theatre company’s greatest challenge, the programming mix being vital to box office success. Our imperative is to engage with our audience at a profound level, offering a vibrant mix of new Australian work, new works from overseas, bold new interpretations of extant works (with a focus on the ‘classics’) and, where possible, a work of musical theatre.

The studio season will present works that are adventurous, daring and innovative. They will be distinctive from Black Swan’s mainstage, pushing the boundaries and satisfying audiences that are keen for riskier and more diverse work.

Our Collaborators
Black Swan will actively collaborate with our ‘flagship’ counterparts elsewhere in Australia, building upon existing professional relationships. Where there are exciting opportunities, we will enter into co-productions, and actively work towards the sharing of certain productions. This will contribute to Black Swan’s national profile, and serve to further enhance showcasing opportunities for our creatives and artists.

Within WA, Black Swan will actively explore opportunities for cross-artform collaborations with our fellow flagship companies and the Perth International Arts Festival, while exploring opportunities to support and collaborate with independent artists and smaller companies.

Our Presence
As a Resident Company at the State Theatre Centre of WA, Black Swan will partner with the venue and other stakeholders to ensure its success as a vibrant and active cultural hub for artists and the community. Black Swan’s presence will extend beyond WA to festivals and touring circuits nationally and internationally. We aim to see our finest work regularly finding its way into North America, Europe and Asia.

Our Leadership
Black Swan will only be valued and respected by the arts community if it accepts and performs a leadership role in advocating for the arts, partnering with our colleagues on industry issues and strategic projects, and ensuring Black Swan is at the forefront of creative innovations and engagement with our community. Black Swan is determined to ensure that we deeply engage with our many colleagues within the arts sector, and act in ways that lead us all towards secure and vibrant horizons.