School Bookings and Resources


Book more than one Black Swan production from our 2022 season and receive an approximate 10% discount!

With all bookings, you also receive one free educator ticket per 10 students booked.

* To access discounted Student Package pricing, you must book for more than one production (number of students per show can vary).

School Performances: Any performance in season (excluding Opening Night).

If you are booking for more than one Black Swan production from our 2022 Season, choose Student Package on the form to receive additional pricing discounts.

Additional Parent/Teacher tickets are available at a maximum of two per student per group booking.

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2022 Schools Calendar + Booking Form

View our 2022 Season Calendar with School Performances or download the School Booking Form


Black Swan’s Creative Learning Program is committed to supporting educators in providing students with enriching learning experiences aligned with curriculum objectives.

Activities in our resources are designed to encourage further conversation, critical analysis, and a deeper understanding of our work along with activities for practicable application.

Digital learning resources for educators to use in the classroom, includes comprehensive background information, behind-the-scenes videos and curriculum linked pre and post-show activities.

To access past production learning resources email

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2022 Creative Learning Resources