Our Donors

Thank you to our family of donors. You are the beating heart of Black Swan. Take a bow for the role you have played in helping us create world class theatre, right here in WA. To join our donor family and learn more about you can help support WA theatre, we invite you to call us on (08) 6212 9300 or email donate@bsstc.com.au We’d love to hear from you.


Founding Patron, Janet Holmes à Court AC has played a significant role in the development of Black Swan, providing a platform for growth of arts and culture in Western Australia.


Thank you to our board members, who demonstrate outstanding commitment to our philanthropy program.


A future fund that enables Black Swan to create theatre of exceptional quality, ambition and scale that matches the boldness and beauty of Western Australia.

Founding Partner

Minderoo Foundation

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  • Inaugural Major Donors

    Mimi & Willy Packer

    Alan & Jenny Cransberg

    Tim Roberts Giving

    Gilbert George

    Angela Roberts

    Janet Barron & Geoffrey Bourhill

    Tony Grist

    Ben & Gina Lisle

    Katrina & Craig Burton

    Sue McDonald & Mark Westbrook

    Ungar Family Foundation

    Anonymous Donors

    Linda Savage & Stephen Davis


Strengthening Western Australia’s theatre sector by enabling collaboration between emerging and experienced artists in the Studio Underground.

  • Patrons Club Members

    Janet Holmes à Court AC

    Simon Lee Foundation

    Michela & Adrian Fini

    Ungar Family Foundation

    The Stan Perron Charitable Foundation


Supporting Black Swan’s education and artist development programs.

McCusker Charitable Foundation
Packer Logos
Malcolm Robertson Foundation


A private giving circle led by Michela Fini, Sandy Honey and Sallie-Anne Manford supporting exceptional artists and celebrating theatre in Western Australia.

  • White Swan Members

    Jo & Ian Adamson

    Sandy & Peter Honey

    Liza Blakiston

    Gina & Ben Lisle

    Janet Barron & Geoffrey Bourhill

    Sallie-Anne & Michael Manford

    John & Linda Bond

    Sue McDonald & Mark Westbrook

    Katrina & Craig Burton

    Rose & Tim Moore

    Debbie & Peter Chappell

    Mimi & Willy Packer

    Warren & Linda Coli

    Ron & Philippa Packer

    Tracey & Charles Crompton

    Lindsey & Peter Platt

    Camillo & Joanne Della Maddalena

    Wendy & Garry Prendiville

    Marco D'Orsogna & Terry Scott

    Ingrid & Mark Puzey

    Treffina & Graham Dowland

    Linda Savage & Stephen Davis

    Michela & Adrian Fini

    Caro & Jon Stewart

    Annie & Brett Fogarty

    Natasha & Ross Taylor

    Jacqui Gilmour & Graham Forward

    Shareen Traub & Peter Lee

    Andrea & Campbell Hall

    Heather Zampatti

    Christine & John Hedges

    Anonymous Donors


Founded by Janet Holmes à Court AC, supporting Western Australian productions and encouraging young people to engage in theatre.

  • Local Larrikins Members

    Janet Holmes à Court AC

    Moeschi Hair Stylists

    Susan & Brendan Adler

    Kate O'Hara

    Bill Bloking

    Sherri & Adrian Staltari

    Kevin & Sheila Daken

    Simon & Alison Stewart

    Karen Johnson

    Robyn Tamke

    Judith & Kon Kozak

    Tim & Chris Ungar

    Meredith & James McClements


Supporting our 2020 season of theatre.

  • ENCORE! $10,000 AND ABOVE

    The Stan Perron Charitable Foundation

    Linda Savage & Stephen Davis

  • APPLAUSE $5,000 TO $9,999

    Michael & Sandy Anghie

    Warwick Hemsley

    Nic Christodoulou

    Richard Tarala & Lyn Beazley AO

    Alan & Jenny Cransberg

  • OPENING ACT $2,500 TO $4,999

    Ben & Shannon Carter

    Delys & Alan Newman

    Dr Rob Larbalestier

    Michael & Helen Tuite

    Walter Millsteed

    Craig Yaxley & Liz O’Sullivan

  • FIRST CALL $1,000 TO $2,499

    Alecia Benzie in memory of Andrew Drayton

    Max & Norma Kay

    Shane Colquhoun & Leigh Cathcart

    Ross & Fran Ledger

    Andrew Crocker & Dianne Sunderman

    Morris-Johnson Family

    Mary Ellen in memory of Kerensa

    Kerry Sanderson

    Stuart Evans

    Mary Ruth Squire

    John Foster

    Robyn Tamke

    Lianne & Raymond Gianoli

    Bradley Van Luxemborg

    Peter & Diana Hammond

    Cheryl Walter

    Jim & Freda Irenic

    Anonymous Donors

  • BEHIND THE SCENES $500 TO $999

    David and Minette Ambrose

    Amanda Luke

    Helen Cook

    Bryan & Janet Rodgers

    Rachelle Doyle

    Desmond & Amanda Thompson

    Ian & Sue Hobson

    Joy Wearne

    Francis Landels

    Anonymous Donors

  • $50 TO $499

    Linda Ager

    William Macdonald

    Andrew Baker

    Robert Marshall

    Karen Barrymore

    Sandra Martin

    Robin Beech

    David McIntyre

    Jo Bosso

    Margaret Medcalf

    Sue Boyd

    Tess Metcalf

    Paul Caulfield

    Peter & Elizabeth Moore

    Katherine Cheng

    Lynn Morzenti

    Sue Colyer

    Tony Munro

    Amber Craike

    Michael Murphy & Craig Merrey

    Paulien De Boer

    Jordan Nix

    Lisa Dunlop

    Taui Pinker

    Fleur Edwards

    Janet Rodgers

    Shirley Egan

    Anne Ross

    Ken & Glenda Evans

    P Ryan

    Diane Evers

    Carol Shannon

    Janine Freeman

    Ryan Glynn

    Lindsay & Suzanne Silbert

    Jacinta Sirr

    Mary Goodall

    Flora & Lawrence Smith

    Lisa Hando

    Laurence Symonds

    Terri Harris

    Michael Tucak

    Bev Hewitt

    Anonymous Donors

    Colin & Cara Hoppe

    Louis & Miriam Landau

    Marilyn Lyford


A bequest to Black Swan is a meaningful way to support theatre now, and for generations to come.

Anita Clayton

Andree McIntyre

Shane Colquhoun & Leigh Cathcart

Anonymous Donors